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ashmina ranjit photo by basanta ranjitka

Ashmina Ranjit

阿許米娜·蘭吉特(Ashmina Ranjit)是位來自尼泊爾的跨領域概念藝術行動者(Artivist),透過藝術打破當代尼泊爾藝術對於後現代主義的定義,創作出具挑釁意味的裝置作品與行為藝術來質疑、挑戰與對抗文化成見。其藝術作品表現出她對於社會行動的投入,身為一位藝術行動者,因為其作品在某些程度上受到了文化「他者性」(otherness)的影響,她因此自覺地將自身定位為一位「第三世界藝術家」。從南亞的文化特質中尋找創作主題,透過以過程為導向的創作方式呈現出顛覆文化刻板印象和性別政治的表現。




於2007年創辦「LASANAA另類藝術社群」,透過群體的力量進行受到政治因素所激發的各種計劃,目的希望在尼泊爾當地形成一股創造力與批評性的力量。於2015年創立名為「NexUs Culture Nepal」的公眾空間,讓透過LASANAA所提出的概念能夠在此空間被實際呈現。



Ashmina Ranjit, a Nepal’s leading conceptual interdisciplinary “artivist” pushes the definitions of the postmodern in contemporary Nepali Art.  Her-in-your-face installations and performances constantly interrogates, challenges and confront cultural stereotypes. Her art is an expression of her commitment as a social activist, as an ‘Artivist’ she positions herself self-consciously as a Third World Artist, influenced to a certain degree by the cultural ‘otherness’ that is embedded in her works. Her subjects are located within such cultural specificity of South Asia, so subversion of cultural stereotypes and politics of gender are critical expressions of her process-driven work.


Using a wide range of media - installations, performance, painting, printmaking, sound, and video - Ashmina’s work consistently engages with issues of cultural roles, social gendering, sexuality, human rights and other ever-pressing socio-political issues. Her subversive subjects and presentations are aimed towards a viewing experience that is not entirely aesthetic but meant to evoke a distinct sense of unease as a reaction to such represented bodies. Her recent experimentation as political activism critically interrogates the issues of being a citizen of the world. She has performed and executed various projects in Asia, Australia, Europe and USA.


In 2007, Ranjit established LASANAA as an alternative art community to collectively conceptualize politically-in¬spired projects that promote a creative and critical Nepal. She then created NexUs Culture Nepal in 2015 as a public community space to realize and physically em¬body the concepts made possible through LASANAA.


Ashmina a two times Fulbright Scholar, has earned many scholarships and award, while participating in various residencies, delivered lectures and accomplished many art projects internationally. She received her MFA from Columbia University, NYC and BFA from University of Tasmania, Australia as well as from Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

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