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李建賢 LEE Chien-Hsien
唐敬雅 Tang Ching-Ya

廖欣穎 LIAO Hsin-Yin

蔡宗育 TSAI Tzung-Yu
王遠博 WANG Yuan-Po(Paul)






2020 / 沈浸式劇場

2020 / immersive theater


Watch! 小心你的言行、注意你的思想!你被盯/釘住了!





每天清晨被打開鐵門的咿軋之聲驚醒,永遠也不知道下一個「特別接見」會不會就是自己, 徒刑變成死刑。






Watch! Watch your words and deeds, watch your thoughts! You are eyed/nailed!

This is an era where everything is under surveillance.

In the years we were imprisoned, we lost our choice.

The ruler tries to keep us under his fully control; our thoughts, our history, our breathing, and our relationships—all have to run according to his will.

We are waked with terror every morning by the creaking sound of the process of opening the iron door. We never know if ourselves will be the next to attend the "special interview", which means our imprisonment will become a death penalty.

Nevertheless, we still gingerly read, love, think, learn, and even resist and try to live our faith...


D-i-n-g. Watch uses immersive theatrical installations to allow the viewers to experience the ridiculous full surveillance of the time, witness the fearless true love under totalitarian rule, and get a glimpse of the diverse features and spirits of the political dissidents during the White Terror. The work attempts to give a richer, more vivid, and more contemporary picture of Green Island in its days as a political prison island, in comparison to the relatively flat mainstream narrative. By presenting a broader spectrum and telling the stories in a more detailed and resonant way, it shifts the focus back on the real life of each unique individual under totalitarian rule.


The work comprises three theatrical installation booths: "Don't Forget the Time at Jyu" which portrays the ridiculous total surveillance / thought transform of the time; "Home Letters" which presents, despite the fear under surveillance and the physical confinement, the true love and struggles of life under totalitarian rule; and "Beautiful Future" which guides the audience to see the political victims' ideals, struggles, agency, and fearlessness in the face of their death, as the gunshot does not put an end to all.

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