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LIN Tzu-Ning



近期與夥伴們組成的Hatso合作社,以「Tui Tui Tui台灣島內家鄉巡演計畫」,將演出的主題/場域/形式環環相扣,在台灣的不同地區,尋找場所來與當地的觀眾作連結與交流。並在近期的演出中,尋找表演者與觀眾之間的可能性,打破觀眾屬性上的被動性,讓演出的創作能交織更多觀眾的想法,並將演出當下成為彼此雙向交流更多的可能。


LIN Tzu-Ning is a performing artist, graduated from Department of Theatre Art of Chinese Culture University.

Most of her works are developed based on simple and clear concepts expressed through shapes and objects. She focuses on the pictorial nature of space, atmosphere and impression, arousing sensory connections and physical awareness of the field in the participants.

She is skilled at inviting the audience to interact with the creator so that a collaborative creation would be born in the process of the interaction with the audience, whose subjectivity and uniqueness would contribute to the "creation."

She is recently on the "Tui Tui Tui Project Tour" around the island of Taiwan with Hatso Cooperative, an organization she co-founded. The works on the tour are staged at venues in various areas across Taiwan with the theme, field and form of the works carefully orchestrated to connect and interact with respective local audiences.

LIN has been lately exploring more possibilities between performers and audience, including challenging the passive nature of the audience in order to allow more ideas from audience to become integral part of a performance artwork, or other possible two-way communications during the performance.

For her creation, she is interested in studying the relation of distance, the states of the performers, and the relationship between the performers and the audience.

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