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安魂工作隊 The Libera work-gang

LIN Chuan-Kai

LI Jia-Hung




LI Chia-hung

LI Chia-hung was born in Changhua in 1992 and grew up in Fengyuan, Taichung. He graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts.

His solo exhibitions include "Time Splits in the River", 2016, Absolute Space for the Arts, Tainan, Taiwan; "Hearth Project: Family Migration", 2013, Nanbei Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan.

LIN Chuan-kai

LIN Chuan-kai is from Jingmei, Taipei. He got PhD of Sociology from the National Taiwan University, and a post-doctoral fellow at the Institute of Social Sciences, Academia Sinica. His publications include "Revolutionary struggle of the underground parties in Taiwan after the war (1946-1955)".

He has been researching on the rise and fall of the resistance during the "White Terror" after the war. He began to be involved in crowd activities and crossover interactions with local communities in the autumn of 2018, since which he has been engaged in more than 500 of such events. He currently works with creators and educators with the same belief as a "work team" to outreach and invite local communities to jointly explore and reflect on history as a means to collaborative creation.

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