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1978年出⽣於臺南,現居住及工作於臺南、臺中、桃園。國立臺南藝術大學藝術博士,現為中原大學建築系專任助理教授、馬來西亞UCSI建築系客座教授、共感地景創作|ArchiBlur Lab主持建築師。歷年創作實踐是透過身體解剖學作為一種論述群體感官、建築生成、城市地景以至於島嶼製造間,思考與方法上的參照,企圖在一個開放性的架構下,工作一種視見問題的方法;長期探索在身體與地景間發展另一種重新定義建築的尺度,企圖⽤最真實的身體感,反覆的去體會事物最根本的價值,讓建築成為⼀種關於⼈的環境。主要的創作實踐為:2014臺北市⽴美術館「X-Site計畫」的《邊緣地景》、2015瀨⼾內藝術祭家屋計劃《屋橋》、《城市浮洲計畫》、⾺來西亞《綠洲聚落計畫》,法國《懸山.浮橋》,馬來西亞《懸山》以及2016台北雙年展、2017夏伽雙年展《共感群體》、巴勒斯坦美術館《存在的邊界》等。

Born in Tainan in 1978 and currently residing and working in Tainan, Taichung, and Taoyuan, CHEN Eric  holds the PhD degree of Arts from Tainan National University of the Arts, and now he is the full-time assistant professor of Department of Architecture, Chung Yuan Christian University, visiting professor of Department of Architecture, UCSI in Malaysia, and chief architect of ArchiBlur Lab. His creative practices over the past years are the use of body anatomy as reference for expressing group senses, building generation, urban landscape, island manufacturing, thinking, and ideas in an attempt to develop a method to explore the issues in an open framework. He has engaged in the long-term exploration on body and landscapes in order to develop another redefined architectural scale. He also attempts to repeatedly perceive the most fundamental value of everything with the most authentic body feelings, which enables buildings to become a kind of human environment. His main creative practices are: “Landscape of the Boundary” of  2014 “X-Site Project” , “Bridge House” of 2015 Setouchi Triennale “Art House Project” , “Urban Archipelago Project,” “Oasis Settlement Project” in Malaysia, “Floating Mountains.Suspended bridge” in France, “Floating Mountains” in Malaysia, 2016 Taipei Biennale, 2017 Sharjah Biennial “Collectivism”,  “Threshold of Being” at Palestine Art Museum, etc.

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