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北藝美術碩士生,關注人權議題,討厭不公平的事情。看到有人被欺負就想要把壞人揍爆。 2016年參與地下勞動合作社,2019組成Empty藝術團體。未來想透過藝術,成為超人。



2020 / 鐵、鍍鋅鋁、聲音裝置

2020 / iron, galvanized aluminum, voice-operated device




“-ed” is an affix to a verb to express an action carried out on the subject of the sentence, for example, a person is kill-ed, su-ed, or disapear-ed. Therefore, "-ed" is used to describe a crime done to the subject of the sentence, while the doer of the violence, which is the object of the sentence, is "invisible."

In the age of White Terror, letters were the only means for imprisoned political victims to express their feelings, yet their correspondence was closely examined, sometimes even altered or omitted. Many of the injustices and pains were silenced, only to be whispered in the victims’ minds, waiting for the seekers to hear.

The work attempts to voice for the most marginal resistance under the oppressive system—the self-referential thoughts crossing the White Terror victims’ minds when they were incarcerated alone. By inserting the affix “-ed” to the verbs in victims’ home letters, it changes their sentences into past passive tense, which in turn makes their resignation visible. The work converts those documents into voice files placed inside a large iron installation wrapped with layers of wire netting, urging the visitors to listen. By so doing, those helplessly muted marginal voices and thus unheard by the mainstream finally become appearing as well as accuse of the still hidden system of the state-perpetration.

The installation is hidden in the bathing and washing space at the corner of the solitary room, where those political victims were able to talk to themselves alone in some rare and brief occasions during their lives of imprisonment. The voice file is wrapped in layers of wire netting inside a cloud-shaped installation, symbolizing that the victims’ souls and memories are still in search of belonging as well as implying that justice has still sealed in the cloud and yet to come. The cloud flees toward a small side-window, signifying the self-referential thoughts crossing their minds in that secret space were the only freedom they got under the full supervision.

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