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LIN Yi-Chi

林羿綺,1986年生,目前工作與居住於臺北,國立臺北藝術大學美術系碩士班畢業、現就讀國立台灣藝術大學電影系碩士班,主要創作以錄像、實驗電影和影像裝置為主。 近年創作聚焦於東亞冷戰歷史脈絡下的族群離散經驗,乃至個人身份政治裡對於記憶和夢境的採集,將影像視為降靈媒介,進而重新編導出個體生命經歷在當代時空中的復魅樣態,以召喚出地方邊緣記事,進行對於國族、歷史和群眾記憶間的再生產。 曾受邀參加2019日惹雙年展台灣館,並參與多項國內外策展案、影展、以及駐村計劃;榮獲第16屆台新藝術獎視覺藝術類決選、2019美國邁阿密Pulse Prize首獎、2018高雄獎首獎、第40屆金穗獎學生實驗類首獎、2018MIT新人特區以及2019臺北美術獎優選等殊榮。

Born in 1986 and currently based in Taipei, LIN Yi-Chi holds a master’s degree in art from the Taipei National University of the Arts, and she is currently pursuing another master’s degree in film from the National Taiwan University of Arts. Her artistic practice predominantly consists of video art, experimental film, and video installation. 


LIN’s recent creative focus is on the experience of diaspora under the historical context of the Cold War in East Asia, which extends into memories and dreams associated with personal identity politics. She treats images as a necromancy-like medium, which she uses to facilitate the re-enchantment of individual experiences set in the contemporary space-time. Her work summons marginal and regional recounts and engages in the reproduction of national, historical, and communal memories. 


LIN was invited to represent Taiwan at the 2019 Biennale Jogja, and she has also participated in several curatorial projects, film festivals, and international residency programs in Taiwan and abroad. A finalist for the 16th Taishin Arts Award, she has also been presented with several other distinctions, including first prize of the Pulse Prize in Miami, USA (2019); first prize of Kaohsiung Award (2018); first prize of the 40th Golden Harvest Awards for Best Experimental Film (2018); MIT (Made in Taiwan) New Artist Award (2018); and Taipei Art Awards honorable mention (2018).

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