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jiandyin in associate with Baan Noorg Collaborative Arts and Culture

藝術團體Jiandyin目前工作與居住於泰國拉差汶里府。經由藝術性研究的創作方式,他們透過作品提出探索人類、場所、空間之間的關係的平台或場景,進而分析政治衝突對於邊緣群體所產生的影響。於2011年創辦由藝術家經營的非營利組織「Baan Noorg 藝術與文化合作社」。

Jiandyin, artist team, live and work in Ratchaburi, Thailand. Their works approach with artistic research, create space/platform or situation to analyze relationships between man, place and space towards specific issues concerning the political conflict or effect on marginalized groups. They founded Baan Noorg Collaborative Arts and Culture, a non-profit artist-run initiative since 2011.

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