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Coordinate of being








If we are going to narrate the story of a tangible space or a specific place, it is perhaps necessary to read volumes of parchment topographies whose contents had been erased and rewritten multiple times. “Coordinate of being,” as a time-traveling work, engages in a spiritual dialogue with CHEN Meng-He (who was in charge of stage set and then assigned to photographing the events held by the New Life Correction Center when he was incarcerated as a political prisoner on Green Island). Basking in the mesmerizing interplay between light and shadow, this architectural installation devotes a brand new chapter to the topography of this historic site.


Architect and artist CHEN Eric stated, “Where there is a crack there is light. From the perspective of the dark times CHEN Meng-He experienced, his photography, along with the darkroom built with local materials, may be deemed as a crack in his life. From an alternative angle, however, his photographic works seemed to bring light to Green Island. A post-understanding cogitation has become imperative in face of this piece of history. This installation is displayed beside the exhibition space of the photography department previously headed by CHEN Meng-He. The cylindrical metal poles manifest a specific coordinate, a vanished place and its walls, a crack, as well as a void dancing to the tune of the elusive light. This crack is woven into the scenes of Green Island that CHEN Meng-He photographed, showing divergent expressions in different dimensions. Light filters through this installation, sparking creative imagination about this space. The visitors will also see the sky and their figures reflected in the aluminum base of this work.”


Interlaced by fertile imagination and imbued with creativity, poetic imagery and deep affections for this place, this captivating installation beckons, inviting the visitors to exchange their ideas about this historic site and coauthor its future topography.

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