Group portrait of the echoers


2020 / 五頻道 4K 彩色有 聲錄像 / 4分30秒

2020 / 5 channel 4K video (color, sound) / 4mins 30sec


在作品〈迴聲者群像〉裡,林羿綺邀請四位綠島在地居民飾演人權園區的工作者們,以及兩位表演者飾演新生魅影,分別以中文、台語、日語、英語,接力傳唱由斯馬里奧作曲、斯馬里奧 / 林羿綺共同作詞的全新創作曲《不等》。歌詞唱道:「過去從沒結束你說呢 / 一直持續著 / 永遠進行著 / 說話的人離開了 / 遠遠的。不等風 / 不等雨 / 不等浪平靜/徹夜,看星星 / 不等霧 / 不等雲 / 不等夢醒/靜靜想你/在夜裡 / 在這裡。」

美國作家威廉.福克納(William Faulkner, 1897-1962)對於「過去」的描述:「過去從未消亡,它甚至從未過去,它一直存活於我們的記憶深處。」是林羿綺的靈感來源之一,她表示:「藉由表演者的低吟呢喃,有時獨自哼唱、有時相互合音,讓歌聲在遺址中不斷迴盪著,以一種被歷史附聲的姿態,跨越動態影像對於時間以及空間的界線,讓人權園區所在的現實此岸,召喚出白色恐怖歷史記憶的彼岸,向過往被囚禁的靈魂致意。」


In the work Group portrait of echoers at LIN Yi-Chi’s invitation, four Green Island residents who respectively played the roles of staff members for the White Terror Memorial Park, along with two performers who played the roles of the phantoms of “freshmen”, sing the song No Longer Waiting (composed by Ssu Ma Li-ao and written by Ssu Ma Li-ao and LIN Yi-Chi) in Mandarin, Taiwanese, Japanese and English by relay. The lyrics go as follows: “The past never ends/ What do you think/ It keeps going/ and going forever/ The one who spoke have gone/ far faraway/ No waiting for the wind, rain, peace/ Looking at the stars overnight/ No waiting for the mist, cloud, dream awake/ Missing you in quietness/ In the night/ In here.”

The work Group portrait of echoers owed part of its inspiration to American writer William Faulkner’s (1897- 1962) famous quote: “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” Indeed, the past is still occurring in our memories. Lin also provided a vivid description of this work: “they chant and whisper softly, sometimes crooning solo, and sometimes performing multi-part polyphony. Their singing voice echoes around the historic relics, transcending the rigid confines of space-time by assuming a posture as if it’s possessed by the specific piece of history. This work evokes the painful memories of the White Terror on the other shore from the location of the memorial park on Green Island, insofar as to pay tribute to the previously incarcerated souls.”

The spatiality and temporality created and shaped by this five- channel video installation are nothing if not sophisticated and organic. By means of summoning and being possessed by spirits, this work ingeniously visualizes the endless reincarnation of the re-enchanting ghost of history. Horrific violence has repeatedly haunted us, appearing in various manifestations. Nonetheless, the struggle for survival and the miracle of life allow the stars to shine in the pitch-black night. This chorus is not only a consoling requiem but also an evocative song that calls for revolution.


製片 Producer:蘇意惠 Celin SU

導演 Director:林羿綺 LIN, Yi-Chi

音樂總監 Music Director:斯馬里奧 Ssu Ma Li-ao

詞 Lyrics:斯馬里奧 Ssu Ma Li-ao、林羿綺 LIN, Yi-Chi

曲 / 編曲 Composer/Arranger:斯馬里奧 Ssu Ma Li-ao

合聲編寫 Backing Vocals Arranger:斯馬里奧 Ssu Ma Li-ao

吉他 Guitar:斯馬里奧 Ssu Ma Li-ao

口風琴 Melodica:蘇意惠 Celin SU


表演者 Performers & Vocals :

陸雅琪 Carine Yeachyi LU/ 飾 導覽員 Guide

田鴻銘 TIEN, Hung-Ming/ 飾 警衛 Guard

田璟雲 TIEN, Ching-Yun/ 飾 清潔員 Janitor

李其益 LI, Chi-Yi/ 飾 油漆師傅 Painter

斯馬里奧 Ssu Ma Li-ao/ 飾 男新生 Political victim

蘇意惠 Celin SU/ 飾 女新生 Political victim


製片助理 Production Assistant:鄭烱揚 ZHENG, Jo-Yang

攝影 Director of Photography:呂易倫 LU, Yi-Lun

錄音 Sound Mixer:馮志銘 FENG, Ziming

燈光 Gaffer:宋秉諭 Hippo SUNG

燈光助理 Gaffer Crew:張玉璇 Nana CHANG

側拍 Still Photographor:董宥廷 Bryan

剪接 Editor:林羿綺 LIN, Yi-Chi

調光 Colorist:林致任 LIN, Chih-Jen

混音 Mixing Engineer:馮志銘 FENG, Ziming

英文翻譯 English Translator:梁云繻 Soma LIANG

日文翻譯 Japanese Translator:加藤德人 Akihito KATO


特別感謝 Special Thanks

J.R / Pater Pan 池上小潘 / 王樂婷 / 阿水 / 何月含 / 李樂 / 呂旻 璋 / 周尚君 / 周奕 / 林倚樟 / 林消告 / 林雁婷 / 林蓮妹 / 扇扇 / 陳飛豪 / 張雅婷 / 鄭全德 / 趙鴻祐 / 黎文華 / 黎黃梅玉 / 劉 昊 / 劉芮妍 / 劉洸滕 / 蔡美娟 / 蔡喨羽 / 蘇玉英 / 寶妮 / 台東 愛格斯民宿 / 向陽車業 / 貞寶器材 / 放逗探索運動館 / 海和 日常・生活提案所 / 綠島包棟旅居—inmyhouse 在自己家民宿

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